Kellogg Logging

About Kellogg Logging

Kellogg Logging is family owned and operated by Jason E. Kellogg, a lifetime resident of Athens, Pennsylvania.

Kellogg Logging is a 3rd generation, family business. Stemming back to the years were Belgian Draft Horses were used for skidding the logs, where we now use modern proper equipment to harvest your trees and provide proper care of your land. Jason is willing to provide a FREE consultation about your timber.

We enjoy and admire the great outdoors of North East Pennsylvania, as many landowners do, therefore, we take pride in our work. You will be proud of your decision to have your timber harvested by Kellogg Logging.

Our vision is to preserve the forest for many generations to come. We use Timber Harvesting to remove all of the deformed and diseased trees from your land. We, in the forest industry, consider this as select cut or a timber stand improvement. During your FREE Timber Appraisal we may suggest a diameter cut (for example: all trees 14" DBH & up).

You, the Steward(s) of the land, own a very valuable resource which can either product one quick monetary return with minimum chance of an additional return in your lifetime, or through careful management, you may choose several substantial monetary returns within the same lifespan. You, as the landowner are creating and maintaining a valuable asset for you and the future generations. Timber is not only a renewable resource that should be managed properly, but should be taken care of in a responsible manner.

Forestry management can improve the health of your woodlands and even potentially increase the value of your land. When harvesting begins, trees will be marked to minimize damage to standing timber, then the trees will be positioned for proper removal.

Kellogg Logging also offers land clearing for wildlife food plots to help provide success for hunters, and any other reasoning for land clearing. Food plotting in an enjoyable way to attract more animals to your property. Our business is to help increase the enjoyment of your property.

When you choose Kellogg Logging, there will be a contract that will best serve you (the landowner) and your interests, unlike a conflict-of-interest contract or some made by a saw mill. You will receive a detailed inventory and clear explanation of this contract.

We provide independent, professional and profitable timber management services. We provide honest and accurate information that may help you with your choosing of Kellogg Logging for the harvesting of your trees and to protect you against timber theft.

Think for your timber as you would your own personal garden. When your tomatoes start to ripen, you do not go out and pick them all at once, but you also do not wait until they are all ripe. You only pick the tomatoes that have ripened. While you are picking the ripened tomatoes, you remove the deformed and rotten tomatoes from your garden. Both timber and tomatoes are both crops, they just mature at different rates.

Kellogg Logging offers:

  • Free Appraisal of land and timber
  • Management of large and small woodlots
  • Tree count, dimensions, and species
  • Landowner-focused contracts/compliance
  • Provides proper marketing of timber
  • Debris' Clearing after harvesting has been completed
  • Grass Seed Plantation as needed after harvesting is completed

Having your forestry properly maintained shouldn't be difficult. Kellogg Logging makes it so you don't have to do it alone. For any questions, or your FREE consultation please contact Jason Kellogg. Thank you for your time and consideration.